Au Cheval Diner

My recent visit to Au Cheval, a West Loop diner, has ended all of my current debates on the best cheeseburger in Chicago. I ordered their signature two patty burger (cheddar cheese, pickles, red onions) with the addition of bacon and a fried egg. Cooked to perfection diner style it surpassed anything I could have imagined. The bacon is thick, smoky and lightly glossed with maple syrup. The pickle, more on the side of a thinly sliced cucumber in a quick brine gave the burger freshness and an unexpected pleasant crunch. The side of fries which are served with an aioli and seasoned perfectly is more than enough for two.

Lots of options for beer, and even more exciting was the wine list which included at the time of my visit had Scarpetta Barbera del Monferrato. Great option for lunch, I am looking forward to coming back for more.

Au Cheval
800 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60607
(Corner of Randolph and Halstead)
(312) 929-4580

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