Devils Eggs

devils eggI have a new condiment in my fridge this week, sambal oelek. If last year’s hot stuff (in my house) was sriracha, this year its sambal oelek. New to me however a staple in many cultures, its my new go to for everything from eggs to tacos and more. Give it a taste before continuing with the measurements in the recipe.  Also consider egg size, I use “large” for this recipe and I like my eggs on the spicy side. You may need to adjust more or less if using “extra-large” eggs.  I find that if you can make these a few hours in advance it gives the flavors time to expand.

6 eggs, hardboiled and chilled.

3/4 cup mayonnaise

1-2 Tbls sambal oelek (more or less to taste)

1 tsp. ginger, fresh, peeled and finely minced to a paste.


¼ tsp curry powder + more for garnish (optional)

radish, sliced paper thin (optional)

cilantro leaves, fresh, washed and dried (optional)

Peel eggs and split lengthwise.  Gently scoop out yolks into a large bowl.  Reserve whites to a serving plate.  Using the tines on the back of a fork, mash up the yolks until you have a fine crumb.  In a separate bowl, add mayonnaise, sambal oelek, ginger and if using, the curry powder.  Mix well.  Season with salt and pepper and adjust any ingredients.

Add 2/3 of your mayonnaise mixture to the yolks and lightly mix, just until combined.  If on the dry side, add the rest of your mayonnaise mixture and again mix lightly until combined.

Using either a spoon or piping bag, fill egg halves with mixture.  Garnish with radish, cilantro, and a dash of curry powder or drop of sambal oelek.  Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate.

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