Dinner with Bread & Cup.

Last week I had the pleasure to dine at one of the best restaurants (in my opinion of course) in my region, Bread & Cup.  I rarely eat out at restaurants in my area, mainly because none of them really use fresh (seasonal or local) ingredients, or something other than what is in the Pegler Sysco catalog. 

I have gotten to a point in my life that why would I spend money on a dinner out, if I can make it far better for myself?  There are unfortunately many things that either is impossible for a home cook to create, or a lack of access to certain ingredients.  I am happy to say that over the last few years there has been an increase in excellent dining options in Nebraska; Bread & Cup, The Gray Plume, The Boiler Room, and a few others.  I hope this trend continues.

Kevin Shinn is the Executive Chef of Bread & Cup, and on most Friday nights, its pasta night.  That means that someone in his kitchen made fresh pasta that day (which is really how it should be done in any restaurant).  All week I looked forward to my dinner (with friends).  Chef Shinn did not disappoint.  We started with his new addition: bacon jam, served with pasta crackers, and a house charcuterie plate (which included in-house smoked/cured meats, and fresh breads).  I followed with one of the pasta specials that night: gnocchi with a sage tomato cream.   This all with an Argentinean Malbec (not sure it paired well with what I was eating, however I went for it).   What a dinner!  The food is not the only reason I enjoy dining there, the entire environment, and FOH staff is amazing and welcoming.  This is how I wanted to end my week.  Thank you to the entire staff for making our evening an enjoyable one!


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