Food + Wine Events = Dilemmas.

I have mentioned this before, I will say it again, if you want to experience a cornucopia and convergence of cultures and cuisines (say that five times), you must travel to New York, Chicago, San Francisco, or Vancouver.  Yes, there are a thousand other cities on the North American continent that play host to various cuisines, but not on the level that the aforementioned do.

I have also mentioned before that my travel almost always revolves around food and wine experiences.  I know no better way of learning than firsthand experience.  Here is where the dilemma comes into play. 

My focus takes me back to New York.  March and April have presented several events that have caught my attention.  Time must also be left to work on my absurdly huge food and wine notebook as well.  With perhaps a three or four day stay maximum, you can see my quandary.   As it stands, I have several travel scenarios, and somehow have to fit in at the very least one of the following events.  Only so much time, money…well you know how that goes.

Wine Tour de France 2011: February – June 2011The French Institute Alliance Française has put together 6 regions of wine led by some of the top Sommeliers of New York.  I am at odds with myself: Loire Valley (March 21, 2011) vs. Bordeaux (April 11, 2011).

Special Cheese Tasting: March 28, 2011.  I have a major love of all things cheese, and what better way to learn than from Maître Fromager Max McCalman, hosted by The French Institute Alliance Française.

James Beard Foundation “Wine Lovers’ Dinner”: March 30, 2011.  Jesse Becker (Master Sommelier, The Boiler Room and Périphérique Wine Merchants) alongside Chef Paul Kulik (The Boiler Room) will host a Beard House Dinner.  Bringing some Husker love to New York?

Recreational Culinary Classes at The Institute of Culinary Education: Italian Surf and Turf, March 26, 2011. If I had to choose a last meal, I am pretty sure that it would cover 80% of this classes menu.

The frustrating part of all of this; this is only a fraction of the gastronomic and oenophile events happening all over the country every day.  It’s a good time in our country to explore (and educate in) the culinary world.  Learn what you are putting in your mouth, and more importantly stop to enjoy it and all that surrounds you.  Haste is for catching a cab Friday night rush hour in the rain (or perhaps for now the snow), life – and dreams – do not happen from the couch.


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  1. February 8, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    all of those sound excellent. I think i would choose the cheese one myself.

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