Hoosier Pride

It seems like every family has a college affiliation, and with March Madness upon us, perhaps more so.  In my family (on my side) it’s the Indiana University Hoosiers.  This started at an early age for us.  Basketballs, Bobby Knight, crimson and cream; all held in high regard. 

My sister, an alum, calls Bloomington home, and dons the crown for the most passionate IU supporter in our family.  Over the weekend I spent some time in the Hoosier nation, celebrating her birthday.


Roots.  A vegan/vegetarian restaurant located on the downtown “square”.  Large selection of both vegan and vegetarian meals, most of can be accommodated to fit almost anyone’s dietary needs.  I am neither, but was intrigued by what the food would be (quality, freshness, taste, etc…).  If you are vegan, this is a great spot for you.  The restaurant was fairly busy, especially since it was spring break for the university.  I had the Pad Thai, which was good (on their hot scale, I had a 4 out of 5 and was a perfect level of heat). 

FARMbloomington.  Another restaurant option located downtown on the square is Chef owned FARMbloomington.  Daniel Orr presents a menu based on local and seasonal plates as well as a small but reasonable list of wines, cocktails, and beers.  Recommended: FARMfamous fries, salmon mousse, lemon tart, and fantastic espresso.

Nicks.  This has been our longstanding friends and family gathering place.  Located down the block from the IU campus, this IS the place to be for any sporting event (watching or otherwise).  They have undergone numerous renovations and expansions over the last 80 years, including the much loved pool room (or at least my love).  Recommended:  Mushrooms (large and in charge), Sink the Biz fries, and any of the burgers (made to order and from quality fresh local meat).

To Do List

Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center.  Located in Bloomington, the cultural center is home to several religious sculptures, monuments, cultural center, retreat lodges, and monastery.  If you have an hour or two it’s a great place to walk around and explore.

Indiana Memorial Union.  Centered on the main campus in Bloomington, this has been the location for many gatherings of friends and family.  Beautifully landscaped and architecturally designed buildings, well worth an hour of walking around.


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