Last Meal?

After a pre-dawn departure from the city, I am now home from a brief but always enjoyable trip to New York.  My mind already cannot help but ponder or perhaps long for the food and wine choices that New York presents.  

Last month a surprising number of people seemed mystified and intrigued by the impending “Rapture” only to wake up the next morning with far less fanfare than predicted.  As I was enjoying my dinner last night at Ai Fiori, I could not help but layout in my mind my “last meal”.  Some would say that the situation presents a daunting task, and adequate time would be required to devise such a feast.  As I enjoyed my dinner, I could not help but start to draw that menu in my mind.  It would, at some point surely included the Agnolotti (veal, fava beans, black truffle) at Ai Fiori (@AiFiori).  In my opinion, this specific dish is one of the best I have ever had, without question.  I was also working on a plan of how to lick the plate in a proper manner, I can report that I am still working on the details of that.

If you were put into the position of devising your “last supper”, what would it entail?  How many courses?  Parings?  According to some we now have until mid October to plan our meal.


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