Summer Cobbler: Rhubarb

rhubarb cobblerFruit cobbler can be made anytime of the year as I have found that even if your favorite fruit of choice is not in season, a frozen version can be substituted for freshly harvested.

When it comes to cobblers I am a bit of a purest and rarely do I mix a fruit.  I find that cobbler, or its crisp cousin is a great way to showcase a single fruit. I have always found that adding strawberries to rhubarb, as most recipes call for dampers the natural tart flavors of the rhubarb.

My recipe is simple (fruit, cornstarch, sugar, lemon juice or vanilla), however I do use the steps used in the America’s Test Kitchen Family Recipe Cookbook and precook my fruit before adding a sweet biscuit dough for the final baking.  I found that it was the best way to have all the parts cooked just right.

I usually served it warm with cream, milk or ice cream.


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    Wow YUM!

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