Sunday Brunch: Le Café Stella.

Welcome!With the parents relocating to sunny Santa Barbara from snowy Chicago this past year, it has given me an opportunity, or rather an excuse to explore the restaurants in this Californian city by the sea.

My parents have moved around the country many a time over my lifetime and we have ventured into all sorts of regional cuisines.   From the bountiful fresh seafood of Seattle and Chesapeake Bay, to the Italian and Polish delights of Chicago.  California in itself is a food and wine lovers delight with its prolonged growing and foraging season, resulting in a year round farmers market and massive selection of wines.

After a few searches on the handy mobile phone, we headed out for brunch at Le Café Stella; turns out I will be heading back to check out what could be an equally delicious dinner next time I am in town.


I started with a double espresso (yes, one of those mornings).  While the coffee itself was very good, the cup it was served in was not.  Large coffee cups do not bode well for espressos.

We decided that the crepes were going to happen, so we ordered the sweet crêpes with butter & powdered sugar to share.  These were perfectly executed and delicious, simply served with a bit of maple syrup.

I ordered the bacon, caramelized onions and brie omelet which was also well prepared and tasty with just the right ratio of “stuff” to “egg”.  I had mine with the potato gratin, probably one of the better gratins I have had in a while.

It’s a fairly large menu which should satisfy even the pickiest guest.  Looking forward to enjoying dinner and wine next time we are there.

Le Café Stella
(805) 569-7698
3302 Mc Caw Avenue
Santa Barbara, California 93105

Ambiance:  Casual, comfortable and well it in most areas.  Nice seating area outside which also allowed for the furry friend to join in.


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